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A Heartfelt Journey of Care and Innovation

We are not just a company - we are a family on a mission to make the world a safer and gentler place for your little ones. Our family, comprising of myself, my wife, and our curious two-year-old-son, we deeply understand the unique joys and challenges that parenthood brings. Our journey began with a messy mealtime and outdoor playtime with our son - witnessing his carefree spirit and inevitable messes sparked a revelation that changed the course of our lives.

As Parents, we strive to provide the best for our children, ensuring that every experience is filled with love, protection, and happiness. Yet, the simple act of cleaning our son's hands and face became a puzzling dilemma. We would wash and rinse our hands with care, while our son's hands were only wiped with a wet paper towel. It struck us that the very hands he used to explore the world, and eventually put in his mouth, deserved more than a superficial wipe. Then realization hit harder after the pandemic, when hygiene took center stage in all of our lives.

Faced with the options available, we were cautious of harsh chemicals and the ineffective wipes saturating the market. We envisioned a solution that was safe, efficient, and effective - a way to WASH and RINSE without the need for a sink, especially for our little explorer who couldn't be suspended over a kitchen sink for a proper hand wash ritual. And thus, Dual Wipes was born, driven by a desire to provide a true cleansing experience, free from toxins, harsh ingredients, and capable of eliminating germs and bacteria.

Our journey reflects the love and care we have for our own family, and by extension, for every family out there. With Dual Wipes, we invite you to join us in this journey of safe and nurturing cleanliness, enabling you to embrace every moment with the assurance that your loved ones are well-protected, and their hands are ready to explore the world, just like ours! Welcome to our family, where care and innovation intertwine to create a better, cleaner tomorrow.

The Dual Wipes Family

The Dual Wipes Difference

Our Mission

At Dual Wipes, our mission is to revolutionize the way you approach hygiene and care. We believe that every touch should be a nurturing one, and every moment should be an opportunity to embrace cleanliness. Our two-in-one wipes case will bring together the gentle effectiveness of cleansing and rinsing with the utmost convenience, catering not only to babies but to individuals of all ages.

We are committed to crafting hypoallergenic solutions that prioritize your well-being, free from harsh chemicals and toxins. With our refillable case designed for your on-the-go lifestyle, we aspire to make caring for yourself and your loved ones an effortless joy. Join us in redefining clean moments with the power of Dual Wipes.

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